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AMV and Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists Team Up to Offer Complete UAS Solution

Houston, TX and New York, NY (September 29, 2020)

– Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists has chosen the AMV Insight RT-1 as the anchor of its UAS offering. Metro Fire is a single-source fire apparatus distributor based out of

Houston, Texas with sales and service facilities in South Houston and Mansfield. The company has put together a comprehensive UAS package for its customers, which includes an Auto drone, mapping system from SkyBrowse, and the AMV video streaming solution.

The AMV InsightRT1 encoder securely streams video signals from drones, over any internet connection with sub-second latency, delivered over a private network. AMVision, is the public safety video streaming division of All Mobile Video (AMV), a leader in television broadcast services. Nick Russell, Metro Fire’s director of marketing and trucks, explains that this will be the first UAS package for the industry that offers this level of service. “AMV offers something that people were looking for. There’s just no one else streaming with essentially no latency and a clear picture in this industry today.”

According to Richard Duke, AMV’s vice president, “We’re excited to partner with Metro Fire to deliver an effective UAS solution to customers. Working together, we’re able to deliver a complete solution that comes ready to use for any fire department. We look forward to working together to deliver effective tools for situational awareness to our joint customers.”

About Metro Fire

Founded in 1986 with three employees, today, Metro Fire boasts more than 100 employees in three locations. A family-owned business, the company serves as an apparatus distributor and service provider for departments all over Texas. For more information, please visit

About AMV

AMVision is a service developed by All Mobile Video (AMV), a leader in television broadcast services. The company works with the biggest names in entertainment to broadcast and stream events around the world.

With this new offering, AMV now also leverages that expertise for situational awareness solutions in police, fire, rescue and commercial applications.

AMV’s production facilities, data centers, transmission resources, and private network are proven in high-stress, live broadcast use cases. They are now available for public safety and commercial use via the AMVision offering, which was developed because the company saw a need to keep police officers, first responders, and workers safe in today’s environment. For more information, please visit

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