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DJI Inspire Drone Flying over large field


AMVision is a service developed by All Mobile Video (AMV), a leader in television broadcast services. The company works with the biggest names in entertainment to broadcast and stream events around the world.

With this new offering, AMV now also leverages that expertise for situational awareness solutions in police, fire, rescue and commercial applications.

AMV’s production facilities, data centers, transmission resources, and private network are proven in high-stress, live broadcast use cases. They are now available for public safety and commercial use via the AMVision offering, which was developed because the company saw a need to keep police officers, first responders, and workers safe in today’s environment.
Richard Duke, Vice President All Mobile Video
Richard Duke joined the company his father began in 1980 and has worked in various roles, including Senior Videotape editor for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous from 1983 to 1993. In his current role, Richard is responsible for all post production and transmission for All Mobile Video and coordinates personnel and equipment for the various projects or shows that are in production at any given time.  He also drives the AMVision business, providing low latency video streaming on-demand for tactical situational awareness.

All Mobile Video purchased the assets of AEG Digital Media in 2014, acquiring a leader in streaming of live events in the entertainment world. In June of 2018 Richard had learned of the need for low latency streaming in the area of Public Safety and guided the former AEG Digital Media team to apply its expertise to provide a solution.  The company launched the AMVision InsightRT1in January 2019 and works with municipalities, first responders, and companies around the United States.
Barry Moore, Business Development Specialist
In his role as AMV’s Business Development Specialist, Barry works with first responders and municipalities to implement the AMVision solution for public safety use.  With more than 31 years of police service experience, Barry is able to quickly anticipate and respond to AMV public safety customer needs and requirements.

A 24-year veteran of the Mansfield Police Department in Texas, Barry continues to assist the MPD with their drone program, serves as a drone pilot, and is a member of the Public Safety UAS response team.  He started the first Police UAS program for the city of Mansfield and was the first full-time UAS unit in the state of Texas.  He is currently working with the North Central Texas Council of Government (COG) to form a statewide standardized training program for emergency services.
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