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DJI Inspire Drone Flying over large field

Technology You Can Count On

Natural disasters, accident scenes, SWAT scenarios and other emergency situations require immediate visibility in order to act. Similarly, line inspections in the energy industry and tower assessments in the mobile communications sector require good, real-time visual data, both after disasters to inspect damaged property and equipment, and as part of routine preventive maintenance to avoid accidents and downtime in the future.

Drones provide a powerful tool for assessing any of these situations, but video quality and latency have traditionally been a challenge. AMVision addresses this with a full-service solution that provides low latency streams on-demand via a totally secure private network.

Key Benefits
Sole Source & Secure
All Mobile Video is the sole source provider of the AMVision hardware and service. Video streams are not stored and are simply transmitted to your command center via the AMV Private Network.
HD Quality in Real Time
When time is of the essence, the AMVision service delivers live HD-quality video from the source to the viewer in less than one second.

Ready When You Are
Streaming live video is as easy as powering on the unit.
AMVision works anywhere, via Ethernet or built in WIFI, and the command center can adjust bitrate to improve video quality when needed.


Don't just take our word for it, here are some real reviews to our services.

"Because the team at AMV took the time to get input from users, their solution is really designed by first responders for first responders. It is agnostic - working on any platform with any device, secure, and cost-effective. I'm very excited about it."

~ Garret Bryl, Aerospace Engineer and UAS pilot for the Joshua Fire Department and Public Safety Unmanned Response Team

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