From Capture to Command Center

The drone video is connected to the InsightRT1 via the HDMI connector port. The pilot engages the encoder by pressing the “Start” button and the video signal is encrypted and sent via the internet through one of AMV’s 3 redundant data centers to the end user. It can be displayed using a Chrome browser and can function on up to 10 users authorized user devices simultaneously.

Data Centers

At the heart of the streaming signals are AMV’s 3 redundant data Centers.

Located in:

Los Angeles, CA

Cedar Hill, TX

Carteret, NJ

As the signal is encoded it is encrypted and transmitted via your own wifi connection to the AMV private network. The signal is then relayed from one of the three AMV facilities across the internet and delivered to a URL using a Chrome browser that is dedicated to your facility.


Custom Fabrication

Bogota Fab Works

Address: 253 W Fort Lee Rd

City: Bogota, NJ 07603

Phone: +1.212.596.7079

Fax: +1.201.487.1571